Looking for descendants of Jake and Irving Adelson

Cooperman.org looking for descendants of Jake and Irving Adelson. Here's what we know:


  • Jake Adelson and Irving Adelson lived in New York City in the beginning of the century.
  • They had an uncle named Solomon Adelson who died around 1918. 
  • Solomon married Michlah Sussman and had 4 daughters, Frances, Celia, Mae, and Anna.
  • Irving married a woman named Dora
  • Irving and Dora had 3 girls - Blanche, Irene, and Anita
  • Anita would be in her early 70's now. Don't know her married name.
  • In the early part of the century they all lived in New York City. Don't know where they live now.
  • The family may have been from Vilnius originally, but that's only a guess.






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