Looking for a Fisher Family from Tarnopol/Ternopil, London, Australia, New Zealand, and maybe South Africa.


Cooperman.org is looking for the the descendants of Abraham Fisher and Rachel Fisher nee Sherman of Tarnopol/Ternopil:

  • Abraham Fisher and his wife Rachel/Rachael Sherman were married in Ternopil probably between 1870-1872.
  • They had the following children in Ternopil: Reuben, Rose, Joseph, Lewis, and Golda/Hilda.
  • Around 1883 they emigrated to London, England and had several more children including Sarah, Charles, Samuel, Morris, and Jacob (though the emigration may have happened after 1884 after Sarah was born).
  • By 1912 it appears that almost all the Fisher descendants had left England except for Hilda Fisher who married Phillip Iseman and whose descendants are still in the UK.
  • We know that Reuben and his mother Rachel traveled to New York in 1904 for a month and a half ostensibly to visit Abraham in Chicago. But they appeared to return without him.
  • Reuben and his wife Dora and their son Bernard emigrated to New Zealand around 1912 and their descendants are currently in Australia.
  • Sarah Fisher married Jacob Ciebleman who changed the family name to Jackson and emigrated to Toronto, Canada probably in 1908. Their descendants are mostly in Toronto but some are in the US as well.
  • We still have no idea what happened to Rose, Joseph, Lewis, Charles, Samuel, Morris, and Jacob Fisher or their respective descendants.
  • Nor do we have any information on any relatives of Rachel/Rachael Sherman, also originally from Tarnopol or nearby.






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