Looking for Ciebleman / Tsiebleman / Zelberman / Zilberman family from Bershad, Ukraine (some ended up in England, Canada, and USA)

Cooperman.org is looking for the Ciebleman extended family. Here's what we know:


  • The family eventually ended up in Canada with the last name Ciebleman
  • There is some debate as to whether the name was originally Tsiebleman, or Zilberman/Zelberman in Russia
  • They were from Bershad, Ukraine
  • The patriarch of the family was called name was Leizer/Eliezer "Ciebleman"
  • His father's name was Yehuda Leib, and his mother's last name may have been "Lazarus"
  • Leizer married a woman named Ann/Enya Ruchel
  • Leizer and Ann migrated to London, England around the 1880's
  • They had most of their kids there. They may have had as many as 11 children
  • The ones we know of are: Jacob, Elizabeth, Joseph, Nathan, Pat, and Kate
  • One brother may have been burned in a fire (with a baking oven) in London, England
  • One brother may have died and been buried at sea on the way to Toronto, Canada - the family emigrated to Canada around the beginning of the 1900's
  • There are references to Leizer having a brother or a nephew named Nachman or Nathan. This man may have been a very large man and a baker. He would have also lived in England, migrated to New York City. He may have lived at #126 Essex Street in NYC in 1909. He eventually may have lived in Chicago, Illinois in the mid-1950's. 






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