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These are quick summaries of the primary families documented by the site. Each contains a basic history, names, and maps+locations so you can get an idea if there's a possible connection. This is especially useful for people we've connected with on Check it out:






Alta Miriam Berman was born in 1874 in Opatow (Apt) in Poland. Her parents were Yisroel (Israel) Meir Berman and Chaya Morgenstern. Yisroel may have had a first wife before Chaya. Sarah Berman, Miriam�s sister married Leibish Sussman who was from Annapol nearby.


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Eliezer ("Lazarus"/"Leizer") Ciebleman (Tsiebleman) was the son of Yehuda Leib Ciebleman and R. Lazarus. He was from Russia (now Ukraine) � Bershad Podolsk.


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Cooper (Kupfer, Penchina, Penciner, Penczyna)

Joseph Baruch Cooper (Kuper/Kupfer?) was born in 1867 in Osiek, Poland. He died in Toronto, Canada in 1957. Joseph�s parents were Smiel (Shmuel) Cooper and Elka Goldhar. Joseph had several siblings. His brother David is reported to have come from Stashav which they claimed was a suburb of Lodz in Poland. (Lodz is pretty far from the Osiek area that I think is correct. No idea if Stashav == Staszow.) It appears that one of his sisters may have married into a family called Penczyna (Penchina/Penciner). There are still Penchinas in Poland today (as well as Israel and North America). The Penchinas appear to be from Klimontov (Klimontow) Poland. (There are multiple Klimontow�s in Poland There are also multiple Osiek�s. This Klimontov is 15km from one of the Osieks. Some of the Penchinas claim that their ancestors come from Staszow which is 20 miles SW of of Klimontow.)

There is a possibility that the name Weysbort is connected to the family as well.

Here is a map of where everyone is from. While there are multiple locations on the Polish map with several of these town names, this is the only spot in Poland where all these town names appear to be pretty close to each other. I'm quite sure it�s the right spot.


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